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Private Classes

Private instruction is available in the studio. If you are new to yoga or feel "shy" to join a class, some private insrruction can be beneficial and ease your comfort level. Imagine the difference you'll feel with instruction tailored to your needs and limitiations, such as arthritis or back pain. A private seddion helps you become more aware of your body's needs and teaches you how to make simple adjustments.

Therapeutic Yoga

Although a practice for everyone, theraputic yoga can be especially nurturing to those recovering from or living with injury or illness. It is a blend of restorative poses, gentle yoga, breathework, and guided meditation or visualization. It may include hands on healing such as Reiki which allows one to further relax. It is a gentle but powerful tool to assist in bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. It helps to step away from the outside world and connect with the wisdom that resides within us.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is taught at the Aston Library and Community Center located on Concord Road in Aston. The library handles the registration and you can register online. They are ususally 6 week sessions and the class meets on Saturdays 11am - 12PM. Chair yoga is suitable for almost everyone. We adapt yoga poses to the chair and " Get Fit Where You Sit."

Yoga for Special Needs

For those who would benefit from yoga, but are not able to participate in regular class. Come to the studio for a private or semi-private session. This works well for those who have caregivers and is designed for those who fit the special needs of the class, i.e.: Autism, Non-verbal communication, etc. Please call 484-636-4726 about special needs classes.

News and Special Events

Update - 11/30/2021 at 11:02AM
Yogis and friends I am no longer teaching at the Pilates Connexion in Swarthmore. I am currently looking for a space to rent in the Ridley/Swarthmore area. I am available for private instruction at your home or mine, and for Corporate locations. Check here for updates or questions.

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Donna Shumaker E-RYT 


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Namaste and hello! It is my mission to introduce a variety of classes to meet your needs. Learn body awareness and breathe connected movement, and yes, you can do Yoga!

Welcome To Breathe Om Yoga

Donna Shumaker, E-RYT, Owner

I designed our studio as a private retreat space, featuring bamboo floors and non-toxic paint. In this tranquil environment you are encouraged to “Balance the Body,” “Soothe the Soul,” and “Lighten the Spirit.” Deepen your connection with yourself and with our universe. Join us and Breathe Ommmmmmm….

It is my mission to introduce you to the benefits of yoga. Sharing yoga is one of my passions. I offer a variety of classes to meet your needs. Learn body awareness and breath connected movement. And yes, U Can Do Yoga!

My background

My relationship with yoga began many years ago when I attended my first yoga class on a school cafeteria floor making eye contact with a French fry! I quickly forgot about the dirty floor as the instructor began the class. To this day, my connection with yoga has drastically impacted how I react and cope with difficult situations which I call Life.

I received my teacher training and Integrative Yoga Therapy training from YAMA Studio in Baltimore, MD. I have taught in Delaware County for 15 years before establishing Breathe Om Yoga.

Being a yoga therapist means that I am familiar with certain body restrictions, such as back pain, and other issues which may limit your movement. Addressing a specific condition can be especially therapeutic. I draw from my own experience as a childhood arthritic. Yoga Therapy involves private instruction.



I enjoy teaching all levels of students from children, adults, and seniors. I am a certified Yin Yoga instructor, a certified ChildLight Instructor and a Kripalu certified Chair Yoga Instructor.

Donna Shumaker E-RYT Member of Yoga Alliance, International Association of Yoga Therapists.

I strive to make yoga accessible to all. I guide you through the poses emphasizing breath connected movement, encouraging you to be strong, confident, and happy. Your job is to be mindful, patient, and accepting of your physical ability.

I am also the Yoga Instructor for Widener University. I enjoy working with diverse populations.

Donna Shumaker E-RYT Member of Yoga Alliance, International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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